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I am on my third month of accutane. I am still not seeing good results, especially after the initial worsening in the first month. Are. Reviews and ratings for accutane. I have Accutane to thank for changing this about me. It has been . I've just began my third month and could not be happier. “I'm currently at the end of my third month of Accutane, round two. Since day one, my lips have been more chapped than ever, and no amount.

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I have always put off taking accutane as I heard of the horrible side effects. De D, Kanwar AJ. Around 2. This medicine literally saved my life and I would take it again. Reply 0 0. I'm ready to let it go. Hope this works and gets rid of tiny bumps". In , a US congressman blamed Accutane for the suicide of his year-old son. I took this medication 7 years ago. I wanted to be on Accutane forever when I started out. The depression plus eating issues and lack of energy I looked for another way to be what to expect after, I started on street drugs to control my depression, before Accutane I was such a happy guy, I know it's discounted, and for good reason too I just thought people might be able to relate. Megan McIntyre. Last year, for example, researchers reviewed 31 previous studies on depression and isotretinoin. Contact me. Knowing nothing more about your condition, Accutane may take months to show the results you are looking for. I had horrible cystic acne that no amount of antibiotics or Retin-A topical treatments would help. Tell us about it in the comments below! accutane third month

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